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College Station Spring Wedding

Jun 11, 2017

They first met when Caroline was the budding age of 8th grade and Kyle of senior year of high school. Their parents had been friends in college and often vacationed together in Colorado. One year Caroline and Kyle re-ment in Colorado and their friendship was rekindled. It grew into a relationship when Caroline started college at Texas ATM University as Kyle was ending his time there.

When I talked to Caroline for the first time about their wedding I asked her what her first impression of Kyle was. She went on to tell me that throughout the years she used Kyle as the standard of what a man should be. She found herself constantly referring to Kyle’s character as he treated his family, specifically his mom. She said, “Avery, once I knew a man like Kyle existed, I knew I could never settle for anything less.” She knew deep within that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Kyle and as the years passed that feeling began to grow.

Now a few years later, Caroline and Kyle Kelly are a stunning image of Christ’s selfless love. Kyle serves and loves Caroline endlessly. They both have a unconditional and sincere love for the Lord that overflows into how they treat those around them. Caroline deeply admires how Kyle is always striving to be better and seeking ways to love others to an increasing degree. Kyle encourages Caroline to walk alongside him as he strives to be a better example of Christ in his daily actions, while Caroline in turn walks alongside him and encourages him to find joy in the daily actions of life.

Together Kyle and Caroline are one of the most joyful couples I have ever had the honor celebrating marriage with. Their entire wedding day was filled with joy because Caroline and Kyle were overjoyed with the knowledge that at the end of the day they would walk away as husband and wife. It’s real lasting love grown from deep friendship. Their wedding day was infused with joy and was a victorious celebration of God’s gift of marriage. Kyle and Caroline love one another with vast commitment and lasting grace.



















































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