Lakeside Wedding

It’s evident in the photos. The way the groom loves the bride. You can tell by the way that he pulls her in and softly smiles down at her upon his shoulder. Aubrey and Aaron’s wedding day began as a cloudy Saturday morning, but by the photos you would never be able to tell. By that evening in July, Saturday had turned into a joyful celebration of two high school sweethearts proclaiming to be sweethearts for the entirety of their lives. All high school butterflies, all teenage dreams, all young adult prayers, and all wise counsel culminated in two lives conjoining into one.

Aubrey and Aaron’s wedding day took place on a beautiful pond-side Chapel surrounded by their closest friends and family who watched their budding relationship from a young age. Their wedding day was saturated with light pinks, pastels, and greenery. Ending their warm July wedding with Steel City Pops, Aubrey and Aaron’s wedding day was a refreshment and joy for all who attended!



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"Beauty evokes desire."