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If You Want This, A First Look Is For You.

Jan 9, 2018

Often times when I’m helping a bride plan out her dream wedding day the question is:

 Are you doing a first look or not? 

Often times brides opt for the more traditional non-first look wedding day. My job is a photographer is to serve you first and foremost of how YOU want your wedding day to look like. Whatever decision you make, I will be entirely behind you in that.

However, I want to do my best to help you make an informed decision so that you make the best decision and have a wedding day that is specifically tailored to who you are as a couple.

If you want the following 3 things, then a first look might just be the wedding day schedule for you:

More Bride and Groom Photos. 

If you want to come out of your wedding day with a good amount of bride and groom photos to choose from, then I would recommend at least considering doing a first look. Often times, when a couple doesn’t do a first look bride and groom photos get squeezed in as some of the last photos of the day before the reception. This mean that they are prone to being rushed and can add added stress onto the couple as they try and rush to their reception and try to not make their guests wait on them. Doing a first look alleviates this stress and ensures you have more than enough bride and groom photos. It gives us a least 2 designated times during the day to get you beautiful photos of your groom. If things are running late after the ceremony, no worries! We’ve already done some bride and groom photos already.

Also, if you have a ceremony that is closer to sunset you avoid the risk of running after daylight. Doing a first look earlier in the day before the ceremony ensures you wonderful light no matter how close to schedule your wedding day ends up going.

Better Family Photos 

Family photos lend themselves to be some of the most stressful aspects of the day. To avoid this, I recommend doing a first look (ESPECIALLY if you want more family photos!). After the reception, our job is to get things done ASAP. If you’re a bride who really desires an ample amount of family group photos, then a first look is for you. This allows for a stress free and enjoyable time with your loved ones. When you do a  first look we have time to take family photos before the ceremony. By doing this we can make sure that grandma didn’t go ahead and run off to the reception area or Aunt Susie went to go help clean up.

A More Relaxed Wedding Day. 

At the end of the day, couples who do a first look have a more relaxed wedding day. They aren’t worried about having enough time to take family photos and bride and groom photos. They aren’t worried about making their guests wait over an hour while they get the remaining photos of the day finished. They are able to enjoy their day and take in each moment as it happens.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You shouldn’t be stressed, rushed, or worried. You should be able to enjoy it and have enough time to step back and soak it all in!


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