Rowe Engagement

Two souls framed in light. Patiently waiting to join into one and enter into one of the greatest adventures we are allowed to partake in this side of reality. These two are absolutely adorable together! I cannot WAIT till their wedding in May! Until then, I’ll be staring at their engagement pictures! 


If You Want This, A First Look Is For You.

Often times when I’m helping a bride plan out her dream wedding day the question is:  Are you doing a first look or not?  Often times brides opt for the more traditional non-first look wedding day. My job is a photographer is to serve you first and foremost of how YOU want your wedding day to […]


On Comparison: The Thief of Joy.

Growing up, my dad would always tell me that comparison is the thief of joy. However, it was not until many years later that I would learn the deep wisdom that laid behind those words from experience. When I picked up a camera for the first time I wasn’t led to comparison. I wasn’t a full time […]


4 Truths that Transition to Every Season

I have been pondering what I would say, given the chance, to the younger (say freshman college version) of myself. I then came up with the following 4 lessons I have learned in my 20 years of life and realized that they applied to every season of life, rather than solely upon the first year […]


My Top 10 Photos of 2017

Holly Grace on the Peak of Mt. Scott. I had the honor of taking this incredible photographer’s head shots! We ended the evening by climbing to the peak of the mountain that we were on and Holly Grace jumped to the top rock for the incredible scenery!  2.  The Future Mr. and Mrs. Thomas on […]


Henyon Proposal

emma + austin + millie // coming soon from Lutz Studios on Vimeo. When I started my photography business nothing could have prepared me for the privileges my job comes along with. I get invited into so many important and precious moments in the lives of others! I got to witness Austin and Emma’s proposal […]


Stallons Maternity

I really don’t have any way to come up with a caption to do justice to how much this little family means to me and how much I already love that baby girl kicking inside her mamma’s tummy. Watching one of your best friends in the world become a mom is one of the most […]


My 2017 Told in iPhone Photos

In my 20 years of life, each year has increasingly gotten better. 2017 has been the sweetest year of life so far and these memories mean so much to me! I got to welcome into the world a precious God-Sister, grew my business even more, studied more than I ever had in my life, welcomed […]

"Beauty evokes desire."