Common Grace

It’s the blessing of common grace that all men experience the good. Even further, all are blessed by other souls. Not only are we all direct recipients of His grace, but also of that grace through others. Day to day we must first realize that each action and reaction has a far greater reach than the present, but sets into motion blessings or curses. Deuteronomy 6, the laws of inheritance never changed. We reap and we sow not only our own, but the harvest of others. Bad fruit never goes unshared as a self contained experience. The good fruit, however, is a sweetness that can be shared from your life to another.

How to Know Who You Are


“For unless you believe that I am, you will die in your sins.”

John 8:24

In a world redefining and reshaping, how do you know? How do you know who/what you are? What you’re meant to be?

But really what we should be asking is….who is He?

“ἐγώ εἶμι,” He said. I Am.

These words determine your forever. There is death in the lies and the lusts of this world and the denial of two words will send you into a self-sentenced death. Your response to these words will give life or take it.

The woman in adultery. She was caught and dragged. Her sins in the middle turned into shame.

With one word, “Lord” she called him “I Am.” She redefined herself in the defining of Him. (John 8:11)

“Σὺ τίς εἶ” Who are you? They asked the Son of Man.

(John 8:25)

Humanhood is defined by our definition of Him. Who we say He is, is who we say we are.

Son of man. The Savior and the one sharing flesh. There is death in the sin, but life in the loosing.

The answer is in the making room. To loose your life open wide so that He may step inside.

“Yet you seek to kill me because my words finds no place in you.” (John 8:37)

There is freedom in life surrendered. When it’s not your own, you have nothing to lose.

To let Him find room in you. That’s who you are. You’re a life given vessel. You’re free.

It’s the age old truth – when you lose life, He finds you.

There is life in “I Am” because we are not.

To take back the Israelite life and make life an offering of loosing. This is freedom and where life lies. A life given to make all things pleasing to him (John 8:29).

You’re a life lost and freedom found soul. You are who you say He is and He says “I Love You.”

“Who are you?” … They did not understand that they had been speaking to them about the Father. So Jesus said to them, “When you have ulifted up the Son of Man, vthen you will know that I am he, and that I do nothing on my own authority, but speak just as the Father taught me. And he who sent me is with me. He has not left me alone,for I always do the things that are pleasing to him.”John 8:27-30

Mother Daughter Lifestyle

The efficiency a mother has because of her knowledge of Him becomes a fragrance and a pleasing sacrifice of satisfaction to God. The fragrance of her knowledge of the Lord that she bestows to her children through her actions is pleasing to the Lord. The consistent presence a mother chooses to have in her children’s life is equivalent to the continued presence of a fragrance of a garden that has been carefully tended. She is not one who peddles the word of God for physical profit, but speaks truth continually into the lives of her children because of the worth of the children knowing the gardener of their souls.

A mother is a constance fragrance in the lives of her children as she speaks of her knowledge of Christ because of her earnest desire for her children to flourish according to their God given nature.


Moore Family

She was my small group leader my freshman year of high school. After hearing her speak, I knew she was a woman that I wanted to be like her when I grew up. She told me she was a photographer and took pictures on wedding days for a living. I couldn’t believe that being a photographer was a full time job and you could make a living doing it. Fast forward the next few years and she inviting me alongside her to weddings and portrait shoots. During that same time I watched and celebrated with her as she grew her family and become one of the best mothers in the entire world. Kassie has blessed my life immensely and I thank the Lord for giving me such an incredible friend, teacher, and mentor in my life!




Why I am a Wedding Photographer

One night at prom a senior girl got dared to ask the cute college boy DJ to dance with her because he had said no to all the other girls. To much the surprise and frustration of the other girls that boy said yes. 24 years ago that same girl from the dance and cute boy from the stage got married. They cried through the entire ceremony because they couldn’t believe they were marrying the one person they couldn’t live without…and it all started with a dare.

That girl and boy? They’re my parents. Yesterday they celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary. We didn’t have a fancy party or food. We spent our evening as a family around a cardboard box filled with our favorite pizza and a wedding album full of pictures of that girl from prom and cute college boy on their wedding day. 24 years and 4 kids later, I as their oldest child look across the table as my moms eyes fill with tears. She says, “At the end of the day pictures are all you truly have of your most favorite memories.”

This is my why. One day you will be sitting around a table 24 years into marriage and remembering the day that began the journey: your wedding day. Your photographer is the one you pick to ensure those moments will happen 10, 20, 40, 60 years later and long after you are gone. When I photograph a wedding, I care about your story. Why? Because you’ll always be the girl from prom who fell in love with the DJ at her dance. I want ensure your kids see your wedding photos and say, “Yep. My daddy still looks at my mommy that exact same way.”

Lakeside Wedding

It’s evident in the photos. The way the groom loves the bride. You can tell by the way that he pulls her in and softly smiles down at her upon his shoulder. Aubrey and Aaron’s wedding day began as a cloudy Saturday morning, but by the photos you would never be able to tell. By that evening in July, Saturday had turned into a joyful celebration of two high school sweethearts proclaiming to be sweethearts for the entirety of their lives. All high school butterflies, all teenage dreams, all young adult prayers, and all wise counsel culminated in two lives conjoining into one.

Aubrey and Aaron’s wedding day took place on a beautiful pond-side Chapel surrounded by their closest friends and family who watched their budding relationship from a young age. Their wedding day was saturated with light pinks, pastels, and greenery. Ending their warm July wedding with Steel City Pops, Aubrey and Aaron’s wedding day was a refreshment and joy for all who attended!



Scott Family.

I got to take pictures of one of my favorite families in the entire world! I met Hannah at Pine Cove several years ago and have had her as a dear friend ever since. Watching her become a wife and a mother has been a precious gift. Anyone who knows the Scott family is lucky to know them!





What is Motherhood Photography?

Motherhood photography is devoted to the art of being a mother. 



Motherhood photography is the celebration of family. Including Maternity, Newborn, and Family Photography, Motherhood Photography capture the most precious moments of family and allows you to remember each season for years to come. It immortalizes the way you and your husband look at one another as your start a family, it cherishes those first snuggles with your newborn, and celebrates your family as time grows your children into your best friends. Motherhood Photography takes some of life’s most precious moments and makes them last forever.

Growing up my mom raised me alongside flowers. My childhood days contained long hours romping throughout various garden shops, while my mother skillfully called out the name of every plant I brushed past. Looking back I now know that there was a deeper purpose behind these moments. You see, my mom took us (me and my three younger siblings) everywhere. I truly believe we were only left with a babysitter 4 times our entire childhood. My parents deeply wanted to be with us, immensely enjoyed it, and knew the importance of carefully raising children. They believed, as I do as well, that the greatest way to raise your child is to raise them by your side at all times.  As children we never felt like we were a bother, unwanted, or too young to sit among the adults. In fact, we were taught at a young age how to communicate to adults, have conversations with strangers, and were exposed to difference experiences outside the norm of the ghetto of our own age groups. Having been raised by the sides of my parents, now as a 20 year old, my parents and siblings are my best friends. I am who I am because of my mother and father and you are too. Some of us in spite of our parents, while others because of our parents.  

The first thing I do when I get in the car to drive somewhere is call my mom. The first thing I do when I read a new book, is talk to my dad about it over morning coffee. I don’t go to bed at night until I’ve sat and giggled with my siblings till I stayed up just a little past my desired bed time.

What does all this have to do with Motherhood Photography? Simply this: I believe in family. 


I personally know how important each moment is with your children and I know how quickly each season is replaced by a new one. I know how important it is to capture your children growing up together because they truly will become some of your family’s most precious possessions.

As a mother, your life’s legacy is your children. Whether you are a stay at home mother or a working mother: the legacy you are left with is your children.

Motherhood is the most precious gift from the Lord and one of life’s most important jobs. Mothers are some of the world’s greatest world changers. (If you need further convincing, St. Augustine turned into the man that he was because his mother relentlessly prayed after and ran after his rebellious heart. He was who he was because of his mother. His mother greatly influenced the world and still continues to do so because she greatly influenced St. Augustine’s life.)

Children are potential undeveloped and it is the unique responsibility of mothers to take an active stance towards the change of their children. Just as gardeners are the ones who rearrange and dig up with purpose, thus is the pattern of the life of motherhood. One of creativity, cultivation, and care. Gardening takes the physical material of the soil that it might produce, as mothers care for the essence of their children because of the potential they know their children possess. It is the unique calling of a mother to care for the essence of her children’s God-given soul so that it might produce fruit.

As I continue in photography, it is one of my greatest desires to capture Motherhood because I believe in it’s vital role in life. I believe in the importance of family and it’s God-given purposes and blessings. In a world that no longer celebrates the hard and laborious work of Motherhood, I desire to bring to light this uniquely important season of life and the vital role Mothers have in our lives. Why? Because we are the way we turn out because of our mothers. One of life’s greatest treasures is a mother who took her job of cultivating your soul with the greatest honor and skill.







Classic Downtown Engagement

When I met Ashlee for the first time we spent the majority of our coffee date saying, “ME TOO!” We immediately bonded over the shared experience of starting and running a business while in college. Not only is she an incredible friend, but an AMAZING wedding planner ( @treasuredheartevents )When she asked me to be her photographer for her wedding I felt like I was the one being proposed to. Getting to watch her get to plan her own wedding is such a joy and I just know that their May wedding is going to be one we will never forget!