Bohn Vow Renewal

17 years deep into marriage shows real lasting love. After falling madly in love during college, Amy and Mike married in early 2000. After 3 children, becoming Christians, and Amy having a near death experience marriage is not something the Bohn family takes lightly. They know what it means to fight for marriage. Looking back […]


Dixon Anniversary.

Twenty years old and twenty-one, college students, husband and wife, one flesh. Will and Vicky Dixon are doing life differently. Vicky grew up in Venezuela and Will was raised in Arlington, TX. After major life changes in both of their families, Vicky moved to Texas where she would meet her future husband a handful of years […]


When You Aren’t Sure Who You Are.

“For unless you believe that I am, you will die in your sins.” John 8:24  In a world redefining and reshaping, how do you know? How do you know who/what you are? What you’re meant to be? But really what we should be asking is….who is He? “ἐγώ εἶμι,” He said. I Am. These words determine your forever. There […]


3 Reasons You Need a Wedding Album

I was 10 years old, curious about the world, and fascinated with life. At least once I week I would run into my parent’s closet, pull their ginormous wedding album off the shelf, and spend hours flipping through the pages. I couldn’t believe how beautiful my mom looked and that my dad once looked like […]


Tabuena Wedding

She was his little sister’s best friend in high school and because of that Steven has hardly known a life without Jenna. Steven instantly thought that Jenna was fun to be around and he was instantly drawn to her smiling eyes. After Jenna graduated high school, Steven took a leap of faith and (with some encouragement […]


Wade Engagement

They fell in love fast. When they met it was one of those moments that they both knew the other would somehow always be there for them. She fell in love with his thoughtfulness and desire to learn and he fell in love with her joyful and selfless heart. Together they traveled to 9 different […]


Ellie Dawn

Being entrusted with the life of a child is of the greatest experiences we are allowed to partake in on earth. From the time of conception to bringing the baby into the world, the Lord has entrusted us to be partakers in the divine. To watch Ellie grow into her identify as a daughter of […]


5 Things I’ve Learned in Year One

  2016 has been the most wonderful year. It’s been full of many blessings and so my lessons. Running a business while being a full time student is no small task! This year has been full of learning curves and late nights. I wouldn’t trade anything for the world! It has been the greatest honor […]

"Beauty evokes desire."