my why



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One night at prom a senior girl got dared to ask the cute college boy DJ to dance with her because he had said no to all the other girls. To much the surprise and frustration of the other girls that boy said yes. 24 years ago that same girl from the dance and cute boy from the stage got married. They cried through the entire ceremony because they couldn't believe they were marrying the one person they couldn't live without...and it all started with a dare. 

That girl and boy? They're my parents. Yesterday they celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary. We didn't have a fancy party or food. We spent our evening as a family around a cardboard box filled with our favorite pizza and a wedding album full of pictures of that girl from prom and cute college boy on their wedding day. 24 years and 4 kids later, I as their oldest child look across the table as my moms eyes fill with tears. She says, "At the end of the day pictures are all you truly have of your most favorite memories."

This is my why. One day you will be sitting around a table 24 years into marriage and remembering the day that began the journey and the moments along the way. Your photographer is the one you pick to ensure those moments will happen 10, 20, 40, 60 years later and long after you are gone. When I photograph a wedding, your family, or anything else...I care about your story. Why? Because you'll always be the girl from prom who fell in love with the DJ at her dance.
I want ensure your kids see your wedding or family photos and say, "Yep. My daddy still looks at my mommy that exact same way."

"Beauty evokes desire."