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What is a full service photography boutique?

Avery Earl Photography is a full service photograph boutique dedicated to preserving family history through print, but what does that mean?

Did you know that there are studies showing that in 10 years the current generation will have no photos? This is because the vast current population of the world stores their photos either on a phone, computer, or USB.

What if you wake up one morning and your computer won’t turn on?

What if you drop your phone in the pool before you have a chance to back it up?

The next computer you purchase won’t have a USB insert.

The question isn’t will technology fail, it’s when. Phones die and computers always crash. One morning you will wake up and your photos will be gone if they’re only stored on your devices.

Printing your photos is the best insurance for your images. This is why I am so excited to offer custom framing to all of my clients. I meet with my clients on a Zoom call, share my screen with them, and we design their framed photos live.

Being a full service photography boutique means I serve my clients from taking their photos and everything to do with their photos afterwards.

If only gave my clients digital images, I know that 90% of my clients won’t have their images in 10 years. However, the generations after them will have the ones we took the time to frame.


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