A full service photography boutique dedicated to preserving the foundations of family history through print.  

I'll never forget the day the computer didn't turn on. Our family computer had been the computer we lived on for far too many years, which meant that almost a decades worth of images lived on that computer. After googling every way to fix a crashed computer, we took our computer to several companies desperately trying to find a way to get our images off of the drive. 

Years after our computer crashed, I became a photographer.  I knew that I wanted ensure what happened to our family photos would never happen to your images. I believe in the power of print and that you deserve images that will last for years to come. 
My goal is for you to walk away from your experience with me with tangible items that will stand the test of time. 

Despite our efforts, those photos were gone. 

My family is missing almost a decades worth of images because all of our images were stored digitally. However, the photos we will have forever are my parent's wedding album and our childhood images that got printed. 

In 10 years the most photographed generation will have no photos.

preserve it for the next generations

never forget your history

and always revist the memories

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I offer my clients a fully customizable experience from start to finish, which results in them walking away with tangible products to showcase their special moments for decades to come. After each session, my clients and I meet virtually online to design albums, save the dates, thank you cards, framed images, and framed gallery walls. 

Photos don't belong on your iphone or computer. They belong on your walls, in an album, and displayed on your coffee table. With the heirloom products I provide, you are guaranteed to enjoy your photos today and forever.  


When my past clients refer me to their friends, it's one of the sweetest gifts to me. 
In an effort to say "Thank You" the refer a friend program was born. When you refer me 
to one of your friends and they book me, I offer a 20 minute session to you! 

refer a friend program

have I Already taken your photos? 


refer a friend and if they book receive a 20 min. session 


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Avery is just the most genuine person I have ever met. Her artistry and eye for the perfect picture can't be beat. Her pictures are filled with light, but the detail is not washed out! She is small and sweet, but don't be deceived, she can wrangle even the biggest family during family photos! People still tell us our engagement pictures look like they came out of a magazine and I cannot wait to share the beauties she took at our wedding. I highly recommend Avery if you are looking for beautiful, light, airy pictures of your perfect day!

Avery is a true artist.

Erin & Eric 

While she came well recommended to me by my wedding planner, I'd never heard of Avery before or seen any of her work. However, after stalking her portfolio a bit and meeting her for dinner, I was hooked. She is warm, organized, & gifted; exactly what you want in the person taking pictures of the most important day of your life.

But to just say that this girl is talented would be a massive understatement. She went above and beyond her "duties" as my photographer. For example, on the day my bridal portraits were scheduled, my florist forgot to make my bouquet. While the florist assured me that they could have the situation quickly fixed by another florist, I was alone at the chapel (in my wedding dress) with no one to pick up my new bouquet for me. So what does Avery do? Well, the photographer--who is already on her way to take my pictures--turns around, drives 20 minutes out of her way, picks up my bouquet, and drives 20 minutes back to deliver my flowers and take my bridal portraits (all with a huge smile on her face and a sweet hug to comfort my panic). This is the definition of Avery. She's got a heart for Jesus and it shows in the way she treats her clients and those around her.

She not only took amazing pictures, she made it so fun & relaxing to be in them. My sweet husband (who is not one for taking pictures) looked like he'd been taking wedding photos all his life thanks to Avery's guidance and encouragement. Her prices may have been a little bit more expensive than other vendors, but please hear me when I say she is worth every penny. Your emails won't go unreturned. Your concerns won't go unheard. Your money will not be wasted. Take it from a girl who weighed all the options before making a decision - you can't go wrong with Avery Earl Photography. These are photos that we are going to cherish for a lifetime.

We are so overwhelmingly grateful that Avery got to be such a monumental part of our special day. Thank you, Avery. We cherish you as a vendor & a new friend. 

Avery Earl quickly became more than just my photographer - she became my friend.

Krista & Daniel

As a first time mom, I will be able to look back at these photographs and remember what it was like to grow my baby girl. 

"In each of our sessions with Avery, she has given us a small moment in time that we will never get back"



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